Elettromeccanica Campana S.p.A.

El.Ca. has approximately one hundred workers who are the most valuable element in the company. These profiles are highly specialized in continuous training both from a professional point of view and about security issues and the environment. The company's activities are concentrated in the south area of Naples, in two areas of approximately 40,000 total square meters divided between covered areas and service yards, with the latest quipment and machinery, capable of guaranteeing the achievement of high quality standards.

The company offers a wide range of highly specialized services to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers on economically favorable terms.

The main activities include:
  1. Repair and / or maintenance of the following components for railway, tube and trolley rolling stock:
    Traction and auxiliary electric motors for both alternated current and direct current.
    Magnetic machines: transformers, inductances, reactances.
    Switch, rheostats, contactors.
    Pantographs, starters, inverters.
    Control consoles.
    Electronic power equipment (static converters).
    Electronic cards and rack.
    Motors and supporting bogies.
  2. Construction on specifications and drawings from manufacturers of:
    Traction and auxiliary engines, both in dc and ac, transformers, inductances and reactances for railway, tube and trolley rolling stock.
  3. Reconstruction, with conforming materials, of electrical and electronic board plants in high and low voltage, under cyclic maintenance interventions, increasing or large repair on electrical and electrodiesel locomotors, electrical railcars and towed material.

EL.CA. Elettromeccanica Campana S.p.a. - P.iva: 06697540638